What A One-Stop Clothing Outsourcer Can Offer

Setting up a business is no easy feat, especially if you are limited not only in terms of financial resources but with manpower and equipment as well.

Good thing that outsourcing has become a rising trend nowadays. With outsourcing, one can delegate some of the major tasks, such as production, to external factories while maintaining their competitive edge from other brands.

However, not all clothing outsourcers offer a one-stop service. Most of the time, they only handle the production aspect of the business, while still leaving most of the designing work and other business-related matters for you to handle.

Cut and Stitch is different from the rest of the clothing out sourcers as they offer a complete, one-stop shop service to its prospective partners. Not only do they handle the manufacturing process itself, they also extend their knowledge and expertise with designing and such.

What separates them from the throng then?

Design together with you.

  • You can schedule a consultation appointment with them at your own convenience.
  • An expert or a group of experts will be present during the consultation to discuss your brand concept and their suggestions on the design and the materials to be used in coming up with your brand.
  • Established partnership with skilled individuals.
  • They have direct contact with skilled artisans and manufacturers of the materials that are usually used for the products they are making.
  • They will be responsible for searching and procuring the materials that will be used for making your product.
  • Some of their partners include tanneries, weavers, mills, and hardware manufacturers.
  • Manufactures the product for you.
  • They make the product in their factories, both local (USA) and overseas, after they have procured the needed materials.
  • They are well-equipped to manufacture any kind of clothing product that is assigned to them.

So, if you are looking for a clothing outsourcer, why don’t you give them a call right now and see for yourself the beauty of working with them.