How Vietnamese-Australian Kim Dao Fell In Love With Japan

It is difficult not to fall in love at first sight with Japan. With its clean surroundings, scenic views, rich culture, and respectful people, one would certainly have an inkling of desire to live there.

This is what exactly happened to a famous Vietnamese-Australian YouTuber and social media influencer Kim Dao. Despite the fact that she features a lot of varied topics on her videos, the one thing that is most notable on her videos is her great love for the Land of the Rising Sun.

What made her so in love with this country that she even risked living all alone in this country? Let us find out.

  • Early beginnings

Kim fell in love with Japan and its culture way back her student days. Someone introduced anime to her, and that is probably where it started. From then on, she would try to attend classes that involve Japan and its culture.

During her college years, she decided to major in Japanese studies alongside her Psychology degree. This paved the way for her to get to know the country in depth.

  • First travel

The year 2011 marked the year of her first travel to Japan. As a way for her to document her experiences in the country, she put up her blog site and wrote her very first blog. Becoming popular was never her intention. Her shot at fame was purely coincidental.

  • Living in Japan

Her first travel spurred an overwhelming desire for her to try to live out her life in Japan. As such, she took part-time jobs and such to save money for her plan. After saving enough money, she put her plans to action, and moved to there.

Simply put, it was the Japanese culture and way of living that spurred such love from Kim. Though she is not born in that country, her ability to blend in with the locals make her truly one of a kind.