The Many Social Media Platforms Where You Can Find Kim Dao

There are so many ways that you can connect with people from all over the world nowadays and this is what social media is for. With the variety of social media that you can sign up online, you can find just about anything from a platform to share your thoughts, your photos, your videos, and even your craft.

Throughout the years there has been a steady stream of online personalities that have risen. This is because of the number of following that they have amassed and for various reasons. There are people who follow social media personalities because they look up to them, they like them, they love their craft, or if they believe in that person’s skills.

Social Media: a Place To Connect People Together
Social media is also what helped Kim Dao rise to popularity. Dao has been online for a while and it was not until her first trip to Japan that she started gaining online attention. From posting in blogs, Dao expanded to posting videos about her experiences and this is where she gained a lot more followers.

Dao is known as a prominent blogger, social media influencer and also a YouTuber. As she rose to fame she also began working with a lot of international brands and is mostly connected with fashion, travel, and makeup. She comes from Australia and is currently traveling in various parts of Asia.

Where You Can Find Dao Online
Dao is very active online and you can find her in her personal website, and she also on Twitter @kimdaoblog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram @kimdaoblog, and you can also check out her Tumblr

From her simple vlogs in traveling to Japan, she has expanded her channel content to fashion, popular culture, makeup and more. Dao is a creator that always wants to share with her audience and she always makes sure that she gives the content that her impressionable audience wants.