The Difference Between Immersion Circulators And Water Baths


Water Baths and Immersion Circulators are both Sous Vide and are used for cooking. The impressive thing about these methods is the fact that the food you will be preparing is placed in a plastic container or glass jag and allowed to immerse in a controlled water temperature ideal for cooking that specific ingredient. The method is a slow cooking process that prevents overcooking from happening thereby allowing the cook to take in other tasks while the process is going on. It is also a cooking method that creates equal distribution of heat so there are no parts of the meat that are half cook while in another portion the other part is well done. You can get more information here.

How is cooking in a Water Bath Sous Vide Style?

The sous vide machine in water bath type or countertop are self-contained with the size of a microwave oven. It has complex heating elements and circuitry that specifically control the currents within to provide a specific temperature required for cooking a specific dish. Since it has a covering, it can preserve the temperature of the water, thereby making it more cost efficient.

How is an Immersion Circulator way of cooking?

This immersion circulator is a much smaller device that functions through a clip to the sides of a certain container suitable for the required volume of food being cooked. You can just choose from your own existing containers like a saucepan. Through this immersed circulator, it heats up the water circulating this around the container where you have also immersed your ingredients for cooking at a controlled temperature.

What is the difference?

It is the size and the circuitry that makes the two differ but in the effectiveness of the method, they come closely at par with each other.

Final Thought

With the popularity of this sous vide technique gaining steadily across the market, it is expected that more machines are going to be made and launched to give home chef lots of available choices.