Does Kim Dao Live In Australia Or Japan These Days?

Western Australia is where she spent her life until she became a prominent social media influencer. Perth, Australia is her hometown, born a Vietnamese but raised in Australia she first established her name in Australia with her blogs. Kim Dao’s journey to social media stardom started on her first blog about Japan as she fell in love with the country and eventually grew passionate about sharing her memories of her stay in Japan. Miss Dao’s inspiration on becoming a social media influencer was not for the fame or the money that goes with her popularity but because she wanted to share her memories in Japan as it was both precious and valuable.

Her first blog, which is also her ticket into gaining recognition, was centered on her experience on her visit to Japan. Miss Dao fell in love with the Japanese culture and the beauty of Japan itself that she was compelled to share her memories on the internet. As she said on one of her interviews her visits to Japan was covered because she worked multiple part-time jobs in order to afford her travels to Japan, but because she would travel constantly she was able to make her contents about her travels. Kim Dao has been confirmed to be living in Japan at present, as she has announced on all of her social media platforms.

Was moving to Japan difficult for Miss Dao?
Here are the reasons that Miss Dao gave on one of her interviews when asked “what was the most difficult thing about moving to Japan”:

• She said moving to Japan was hard for she had to ready herself for the culture and lifestyle change.
• She also had to get ready for the transitions that are to happen as she moves to Japan permanently.
• However, the most difficult was being away from her loved ones.